The UK’s canned wine market is now worth more than £3.6 million, having increased 125% in the year to August 2019, according to the latest data.

The popularity of this format in the UK follows the trend for canned wine in the US, where the category has seen exponential growth in the past five years to the stage where it is now worth more than £53 million, according to Nielsen.

The UK market is small in comparison and to date only a few producers have explored this packaging format for wine, but those in the sector are reporting success with their brands.

Currently wine-in-can producer Off-Piste Wines said its canned wine brands account for 61% of the total value of canned wine sales in the UK, according to Nielsen data (year to August 10, 2019).

Off-Piste launched its PinotPinot and Most Wanted Pinot Grigio Fizz cans in 2017, and these were the first canned wine brands available in the UK multiple retailers.

Andy Talbot, Off-Piste Wines’ managing director, said: “We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting category with Most Wanted and PinotPinot in the UK and we see this expanding into other areas of consumption. We have ambitious plans to develop further in 2020, continuing to innovate with convenience and occasion at the core.”

Others are also investing in this sector. Broadland Wineries recently installed a new canning line, which it created in direct response to the summer success of its Minivino brand.

The canned format is also seeing success in the craft beer and pre-mixed cocktail sectors, driven by consumer demands for convenient formats for outdoor and impulse drinking. The format also addresses environmental concerns, having a much lighter carbon footprint than other packaging formats, while globally 70% of aluminum cans are recycled.