Sales of Provence rosé were up 9% in 2021, driven by key European markets, including the UK.

The Provence Wine Council (CIVP) said the recovery comes after a 6% fall in sales for calendar 2020.

Export sales from the French wine region totalled 461,470 hectolitres, a 64% increase compared to five years ago, the CIVP said, as it highlighted key European markets including United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

“The last two years have demonstrated how resilient Vins de Provence are,” said Éric Pastorino, CIVP chairman. “We now have a strong iconic brand, the kind that can withstand any storm, and hold a leadership position.

“We can be confident about the future of our industry, but it is our duty to prepare a common future, whether that implies consolidating our move upmarket for the long-term or rising to new economic and environmental challenges. That is the whole purpose of the Vins de Provence strategic plan for 2022 to 2024.”