Three UK-based Aquavit producers have collaborated to raise the profile of the Scandinavian spirit among UK consumers. 

Orkney Spirits Limited, Psychopomp Microdistillery and Silver Circle Distillery, which are “the first Scottish, English and Welsh producers of Aquavit”, have produced an Aquavit tasting box containing their three individual spirits. 

Retailing under the name ‘British Aquavit’, the box is available online at all three distilleries’ ecommerce platforms. The pack includes a 5cl miniature of each of the distilleries’ Aquavit, plus a guided virtual tasting hosted by all three distilleries. 

Joe Howden, co-founder of Silver Circle Distillery, said: “As a group, we all recognise that there is a lot of potential for Aquavit in this country; once people try it, they tend to love it – but it’s still relatively unknown.”

Erin Watt, marketing manager at Orkney Gin Distillery, added: “We want more people to know about this delicious and versatile spirit, so as the first distilleries to make it here in the UK, we’re pooling our efforts to spread the word about what Aquavit is – and more importantly – how great it tastes.”

As part of the launch, the three distilleries created a short film to demonstrate how their individual aquavits are made, and how the spirits can be used in cocktails.