Tuaca has been given a design makeover which celebrates its authenticity and heritage. The new bottle design aims to broaden the Italian brand’s appeal as consumers continue to seek out spirits with provenance.

The new bottle design has a more classic shape while the label proclaims its status as ‘Originale Italiano’. Overall the brand uses strong Italian cues and bold graphics to showcase its unique identity and reflect its roots.

The brand is believed to have been created for Lorenzo the Magnificent, an Italian ruler in the 15th century during the Renaissance period. In the 1930s, brothers-in-law Gaetano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa, recreated it and named it Tuaca, a combination of their names. An importer from San Francisco brought the spirit to the USA in 1950.

Tuaca also built a cult following in Brighton in the 1990s and still has a big following in the area. US spirits company Sazerac acquired Tuaca in 2016 and Hi-Spirits is now the UK distributor.

Dan Bolton, managing director of hi-Spirits, said: “Hi-Spirits is excited to maximise the potential for this unique brand, and we plan to drive brand awareness and great taste experiences, creating advocacy with consumers throughout the country.

“Tuaca already has very loyal drinkers among both bar professionals and consumers looking for authenticity. With the new packaging, we can better communicate the brand message and personality. Part of our plan is to return Tuaca to its glory days in Brighton and beyond. With its Italian heritage and wonderful taste experience, Tuaca has the strength to further broaden and expand its popularity.”

POS will be available to reflect the updated branding and drive visibility of Tuaca in outlets.