Argentinian wine brand Trivento is aiming to drive brand awareness with a new multi-channel campaign with a focus on its Malbec offerings.

Distributed in the UK by Concha y Toro, Trivento’s latest campaign – ‘Discover your Trivento’ – will see out-of-home advertising coupled with a digital activation. The digital campaign alone is expected to reach around 4 million UK adults. 

To complement advertising activity, 1.6 million Trivento bottles will be stickered with a link to a quiz, allowing consumers to discover the style of Trivento that is best suited to their wine preferences. The campaign comes after Trivento recently released its White Malbec – a white wine deriving from red grapes. 

Heather Jones, senior brand manager at Trivento, said: “This is such an exciting time for the brand, as we build awareness of the other wines in the range beyond Trivento Reserve Malbec…We want people to find the wine that suits them best, whether it’s White Malbec, Malbec rosé, or one of the more premium reds.”

Jones also noted the popularity of Trivento’s original Reserve Malbec with UK consumers, coupled with the growth of the brand’s “premium” wines. 

“We continue to see fabulous growth in our premium Private Reserve (+60% val yoy) and Golden Reserve (+19% yoy) which proves wine shoppers are happy to pay more when they know they will get a superior quality wine.”