Hertfordshire-based wine merchant and producer Tring Winery will be closing on December 10, as independent retailers feel the pressure of rising costs.

Opened in February 2020, Tring Winery was shortlisted for the Newcomer of the Year award at the 2022 Drinks Retailing Awards.

Co-founder Alex Taylor announced the closure on Twitter this morning, attributing “non-stop increases in bills and materials” to the decision. 

“The fact that I couldn’t get grapes from my usual source didn’t help,” Taylor added. 

However, Taylor said that his wine sampling business, The Online Tasting Company, will continue running as normal.

“The good news is that our other business, The Online Tasting Company, goes from strength to strength and this move will let us focus more on our packaging solution. We are determined to make it the very best way to get wine samples into customers’ hands.”