Wine needs to boost its credentials as a refreshing beverage if it is to flourish going forward, according to Treasury Wine Estates.

The company has launched Blossom Hill Gin Fizz in a bid to address this issue, while also hoping to lure consumers back from Prosecco and gin. 

“It combines two categories that consumers are switching to from wine,” said Kirstie McCosh, the firm’s European marketing director. 

She added: “Refreshment is key. It is the number one choice for what beverage people choose, so providing refreshing options within wine is critical to the long-term health of the category. When you ask consumers, particularly over the summer, what is the attribute they look for, beyond fruity or crisp or anything else, it’s refreshment. 

“This need to be able to quench thirst is important for wine, because it’s a way for us to expand into new occasions, driving that development of the market so we become more relevant on more occasions.

“When you stack wine up against lots of other alcoholic beverages, it is seen as being less refreshing than other alcohol categories.”

“When you ask consumers about what parts of wine actually deliver refreshment, four in 10 say rosé. That’s why we launched Blossom Hill Pale Rosé. It was the number one rosé launch in 2018 and it is bringing incremental spend into the category.

“Fruit-flavoured wines and sparkling wines are doing well, but how do you make the rest of the category more relevant to consumers? One of our strategies is to modernise Blossom Hill and retain relevance going forward. We have used this insight as a way of unlocking opportunity, particularly around recruitment.”