The makers of Tiger Gin are getting ready to raise the profile of the brand this year by focusing on trade shows and food festivals around the country.

Since its launch one year ago Tiger Gin has already attracted the attention of many gin fans, according to producer The Shropshire Gin Co, and the brand now has a number of awards under its belt. The company also reported great success from its first piece of exposure overseas at this month’s export trade mission in Holland.

Sales manager Angela Woolford said: “This small family firm has seen sales increase rapidly with demand initially coming from the local Shropshire area, then national and now international with many repeat orders from happy customers.”

The Shropshire Gin Co now plans to launch a gift set for Tiger Gin to sit alongside the current miniature and standard sized formats.

Tiger Gin is made from a range of natural ingredients, including juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, dried sweet lemon and orange peels, liquorice root powder, ground nutmeg, cinnamon bark, orrisroot powder and two secret ingredients.

Earlier this year the Shropshire Gin Co attended OLN’s Think Gin, the third event of its kind, aimed at those involved in the gin industry.

“Think Gin was our first ‘toe in the water’ and we intend to start having more of a physical presence,” Woolford explained. She noted that the company aims to focus on trade shows and also food festivals around the country.