As Britain prepares to leave the EU, independent drinks retailer Thirsty Cambridge and Bristol-based brewer Moor Beer have teamed up to bring producers from across Europe together for a craft beer collaboration project.

The Citizens of Everywhere project brings together 12 UK brewers with 12 from across the EU for a dozen beers that will each celebrate a significant EU achievement. They represent the 12 stars on the European flag.

Moor itself is working with Italian brewer Lambrate on a beer to recognise cross-cultural collaboration.

Other tie-ups in the project include North Brewing of Leeds pairing with Stu Mostów of Poland on a beer to celebrate peace in Western Europe and Derbyshire’s Thornbridge linking with Belgian brewer Brasserie de la Senne on a brew to mark scientific and technological cooperation.

Belfast-based Boundary and White Hag from the Irish Republic are teamed up on an “ease of travel” beer.

The other brewery pairings are: Five Points (London) and Bevog (Austria); Fyne Ales (Argyll) and Beerbliotek (Sweden); Gipsy Hill (London) and To Øl (Denmark); Lost & Grounded (Bristol) and Mahrs (Germany); Northern Monk (Leeds) and Guineu (Spain); Ramsgate (Kent) and Põhjala (Estonia); Siren (Berkshire) and Kees (Netherlands); and Tiny Rebel (Newport) and Mont Salève (France).

The beers – which will all be made using only European hops – will be launched at a number of events on March 22, a week before the UK is officially due to leave the EU.

Thirsty Cambridge founder Sam Owens said: “Back in October 2016, the Prime Minister said ‘If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere’.

“As someone who considers himself very much a citizen of the world, I wanted to turn that statement around in a positive way.

“What could be more beautiful than uniting people, businesses and countries to brew wonderful beer?

“This is a fantastic demonstration of the UK and EU working together, all the way from the growers to the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

“That is well worth raising a glass to and considering why we need to continue working together.”

Justin Hawke, the US-born owner of Moor, said: “As someone who chose to move to Europe and start my brewery in the UK, this topic is hugely personal.

“It was crucial for us to avoid a negative, antagonistic tone in what we’re doing.

“Sure, we believe strongly that it’s a bad idea to leave the EU, but we don’t want to be political.

“At the heart of everything we’re doing is a positive message celebrating all the great things that can be achieved by working together. 

“This project uses beer as a medium for people to really internalise how we must continue building bridges as people, as businesses and as nations.”