Rum expert Peter Holland has been appointed co-chair of Think Rum 2018.

Holland, who runs The Floating Rum Shack, will bring hits in-depth knowledge of the rum category to the event, which takes place on January 30th in London.

Think Rum, which is hosted and media supported by Drinks Retailing News and Harpers, is designed to help off and on-trade buyers looking to expand both their knowledge and range of rum. The day will include a mix of tastings, workshops, presentations and debates.

Holland said if the show “only half delivers” on its promise to educate and stimulate conversation, then “it will still be one of the best rum focused events out there”.

He added: “The strength of the category is the versatility, and the weakness is that without proper communication and education, a bar or retailer could be missing out on all sorts of opportunities. The rum’s flavour profile, brand history and connections could all be utilised in a far more effective manner.

“You want consumers to feel like they upwardly explore the category, but this means you need to understand the details. What is light and approachable? What is a little more fulsome on the palate? Do you have a handle on the rum category in the same manner that many have on the whisky category? Can you offer the rum equivalent of a relatively light grain whisky, or the pungent, mouth-filling equivalent of an Islay?

“The rum world has jumped forward a lot in the last few years in terms of the questions being asked of it and its response to those questions. Let’s be honest and look past the marketing and consider the rum itself.”

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