The team behind There’s a Beer for That has called upon smaller retailers from across the UK to work with it to spread the word about great beer.

Through partnerships with organisations like SIBA, the campaign represents around 95% of UK brewers and is unique in that it promotes a category-wide message.

It has launched successful in-store promotions in conjunction with several large retailers, such as Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Spar and The Co-op.

But it is hoping to ramp up its activity among indies and small chains too, and has worked with Borough Wines and Beers to create a bespoke beer and food matching guide that has gone into all nine of its stores.

Head of marketing Neil Gannon told DRN: “These independent guys are so interesting to me. I love working with the smaller operators because they can make things happen really quickly and deliver amazing things.

“They are great people to work with – educated, on the ball, with a great offer and great service. I would love to do more with them and show them that we are there for them as well as Tesco and Morrisons and so on, and we would wholeheartedly get on the phone with these guys and work with them and produce something for them.”

Gannon, a former global marketing manager for Stella Artois at AB Inbev, believes beer retailing is at an all-time high in the UK but says there is still a long way to go.

“I see the trade getting better,” he said. “You look at what Asda has done recently in the beer aisle, it’s very interesting, they are actually putting in very good, informative point of sale material, which is great. It’s all getting people to try more.

“It’s the most interesting time I can remember. It’s stunning what’s happening with the planograms, how [retailers are] looking at craft, regional, world beer.”

The campaign, which is funded by a collection of brewers, now reaches 250,000 consumers a day via social media. It may reintroduce TV advertising in 2018 and it is currently running a media partnership with The Guardian. It also has 4,000 beer and food matches on its online tool, which retailers can access via phones or iPads in-store to help their customers choose the right beer for their meal that night.

Gannon said: “I certainly want to see the campaign live in the off-trade 12 months of the year, both digitally and in-store. There are more people out there that could and should be working with us and they can have their eyes opened to what we can provide: beautiful, truly category-led promotions.

“We are about driving business. We have proven we can drive footfall and basket size. It’s a big part of the conversations I have with retailers. It’s about what the education leads to: higher penetration of beer and food occasions.

“We do an awful lot on driving purchase intent and conversion is very important, because I want these retailers to get more excited and see what we can do. If they realise the benefits we can increase it. We are about reuniting drinkers with beer.

“I walk onto a beer people and see people with a glazed look on their faces. We can try to open their eyes and drive diversity and choice rather than driving discount, leading them on a journey.”