The Whisky Exchange has reported “rocketing rum sales” with an uplift of 165% over the past three months. The soaring rise in sales means rum has seen higher growth than gin for the first summer in five years.

Head buyer, Dawn Davies MW, believes sales will continue to accelerate. She said: “We are very excited to see this dramatic increase as rum is one of the most dynamic spirits categories out there at the moment. We’re seeing more consumers searching for what we’d call ‘sipping rums’, meaning gone are the days when rum was reserved for a Mojito. Artisan distilleries, independent bottlers and big brands playing with production methods and ageing, has increased the desire to sip rum instead of only mixing it.”

In May the company launched a new classification system online, which aimed to give consumers a more informed understanding of the rum category based on flavour profiles and production methods, instead of purely colour.

Davies continued: “This really is the new world of rum and the new system of classification we launched back in May is our education tool. It will only get stronger with the category offering more transparency and regulation so that the customer can have confidence in what they are buying.

“Premium rums are becoming more popular which can be attributed to aficionados preferring more ‘pure’ products led by trends. The mentality towards drinks has changed – customers are drinking less so they want to enjoy rums which are authentic with a more premium taste.” has more than 500 rums, 50 of which have been added to the website this year.