The Lakes Distillery has introduced a new bottle design for The Lakes Vodka, to bring it in line with its recent whisky and gin releases.

The new bottle is made from British-made glass and it is intricately-embossed in order to “capture the spirit’s essence” and to evolve the brand to sit alongside their single malt whiskies.

Kirsty Taylor, marketing director at The Lakes, said: “Everything we do at The Lakes is focused on quality and we want to reflect the excellence of the liquid in the bottle in its presentation.

“Drinkers of The Lakes Vodka are discerning, demanding and sophisticated people, so it is important that all aspects of our brand represent our values and the time, expertise and care that goes into making each spirit.”

Dhavall Gandhi, the company’s whiskymaker, who also made the vodka, said: “We are extremely proud that The Lakes Vodka was awarded World’s Best earlier this year.

“Gently distilled once with the luxury of time in our bespoke copper pot still, less is definitely more with this uncomplicated, simply beautiful vodka.”