The Glenlivet has partnered with comedian Iain Stirling to release an episode of MTV Cribs, which centres around the distillery’s new visitor experience.

The Glenlivet’s ‘crib’ features “local artisan-built interiors, an interactive barley field, as well as the all-important Still Room”. The episode is available to view across MTV and The Glenlivet social media channels.

Miriam Eceolaza, director of global marketing at The Glenlivet said: “MTV Cribs holds a lot of nostalgia for many, not only showcasing some of the most enviable properties around the world, it helped introduce the celebrity genre that shapes media today. Similarly, The Glenlivet is known for also breaking with tradition, setting new standards and leading by example. So, of course we had to invite MTV to Speyside to add The Glenlivet’s new visitor experience to sit alongside the MTV Cribs extensive portfolio of famed celebrity houses.”

The marketing push comes after 18 months of renovations, following investment from parent company Chivas Brothers.