The Drinks Trust has provided support to nearly 5,000 beneficiaries in 2020 through both wellness services and financial aid. The vast majority of these individuals were directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organisation has approved more than 2,600 emergency grants worth £660,000 and a further £85,000 in other one-off applications for support. In total the charity will have delivered more than £1.2 million of support in 2020, compared with just over £500,000 spent in regular years.

This year, The Drinks Trust will have helped almost five-fold more individuakls than it did in an average year over the past decade. Of those supported with emergency grants, 90% of recipients were under the age of 40; over 80% of recipients had a front of house or bar role, and over 400 grant recipients had one or more dependents.

Ross Carter, chief executive of The Drinks Trust, said: “In what has been a year of turmoil for the industry we have received thousands of requests for support from colleagues in need. Many of these individuals have been left without incomes and facing significant wellbeing challenges.

“We are grateful to all the businesses, and to the industry workforce community, who have donated to The Drinks Trust. Without your support, we would not have been able to deliver these vital services. Demand for our support will continue through 2021, regardless of the arrival of the vaccines. The Drinks Trust will continue to provide the services and the opportunity to help our people recover and in time, to return to work.”

The Chairman of The Drinks Trust, Michael Saunders, said: “2020 has been a year of seismic change for our charity – and I am so delighted that Ross and his team have been given the tools to respond to the dramatic increase in demand for support. It is good to be able to feel that we have been able to help so many people in some small way; and will continue to do so. I echo Ross’s thanks to all those benefactors who have been so generous with their time and money.”

The Drinks Trust said its impact could not have been possible without the overwhelming support of industry’s companies, individuals and fundraisers. In the past few months, The Drinks Trust has received over £2 million in donations, aimed at providing help and support to colleagues in times of need.

A full impact report will be available on website in due course.