The Drinks Trust has announced plans to launch a dedicated grant-giving campaign to help people in the industry who are facing fuel poverty. The charity hopes to raise £350,000 for its Emergency Energy Poverty Fund, which will run from October 2022 until the exhaustion of funds.

The Drinks Trust aims to deliver up to £350 to eligible individuals and the grant will help the most vulnerable industry workers to heat and power their homes for up to 12 weeks.

The Drinks Trust is asking the industry’s businesses, brands and agencies to rally behind the campaign and show their support by pledging a donation towards the fund.

Ross Carter, The Drinks Trust chief executive, said: This winter, tens of thousands of our in-work colleagues will have as little as £450 a month after energy bills, rent and council tax. We have taken data from existing 2022 beneficiaries and modelled their available income after these primary living costs, and the outlook for many is critical. Added to this is the increased cost of food, which will leave many of our colleagues in entry and lower paid roles with a decision nobody should have to face. The term ‘heating or eating’ isn’t simply a catchy soundbite; it’s a genuine reality in the coming months for those selling our products and brands.”

Decanter has donated £20,000 to the cause, while companies including Pernod Ricard through Redbreast, and Chapel Down have also pledged support.

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