The Borders Distillery in Hawick has launched a barley-to-bottle gin as a tribute to the town’s explorer, William Kerr.

William Kerr’s Borders Gin bears the Kerr Clan’s motto, ‘Sero Sed Serio’ (late but in earnest) on the bottle, which is a reference to The Three Stills Company’s (owners on The Borders Distillery) hand in the renaissance of distilling in the Scottish Borders after an absence of more than 180 years.

The gin has a delicate balance of several botanicals including juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, liquorice root and cassia bark.

Tim Carton, co-founder of The Borders Distillery, said: “William Kerr was a man from humble origins whose love of plants helped shape the field of botany. An avid explorer and plant collector of the early 19th century, his work spanned Indonesia, China, The Philippines and Sri Lanka, resulting in him shipping more than 230 new specimens back to the UK.

“Unlike many gins we use our own spirit from beginning to end, resulting in a distinctive and delicious mouth-filling taste and texture.”

The gin, which retails at £34, will be available to the off-trade via The Three Stills Company’s distribution partner, Gordon & MacPhail Ltd.

Hawick-born William Kerr was a 19th Century botanist who was commissioned to work at the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, London.