The Benevolent’s annual major fundraiser event, The Benevolent Ball, has raised more than £57,000 for the charity. 

The Ball, which took place this week, sold out for the seond year running. Guests at the event were welcomed by The Benevolent’s chairman, Tom Yusef, which also took the opportunity to present his ‘Chairman’s Challenge’, which will see him traverse, over seven days, several English Wineries during the harvest season, helping the picking of a new vintage by filling a pannier at each location. He is aiming to raise £15,000 as part of his challenge.

A highlight of the evening was said to be the sparkling entertainment provided by Master of Ceremonies, Joe Fattorini, The Wine Show presenter. Fattorini directed the Power Pledge initiative, which resulted in The Benevolent raising £8,200 in less than ten minutes.

The Benevolent’s chief executive, Chris Porter, said: “What a night. I am delighted for so many reasons. Our friends and supporters enjoyed a great evening, raising a record amount. I am delighted that the emotional engagement in the room mirrored the incredible support of the industry to its Trade Charity.

“Above all, I am delighted that with the increased funds generated we will be able to deliver a greater level of welfare support to an even greater number of people in need of help within our own drink industry community.

“I cannot think of a better example than tonight’s event to demonstrate how this wonderful industry really does look after its own. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped and supported us.”