Thatchers Cider is introducing a new series of special vintage, limited edition ciders under the sub brand Cider Barn.

Each of the small batch ciders aim to demonstrate the skill and dedication the cidermakers have honed over four generations at its headquarters of Myrtle Farm. The new ciders use single variety, dual variety and multiple blends and each will tell a story about the apple varieties chosen.

The first three Cider Barn ciders to be released, following the 2016 harvest, will be Spartan; Morgan Sweet & Grenadier; and Redstreak.

Spartan is a 5.2% abv cider, which is described as being a “long-time favourite at Myrtle farm” is now being welcomed back as a single variety cider. The medium dry and naturally pale cider is made using the “rosy, crisp and juicy” dessert apple Spartan. It has a refreshing bite that oozes apple flavour, according to Thatchers.

The 8.4% abv Redstreak is the second single variety pressed following the 2016 harvest, and it is also making a return after a few year’s break. The Somerset Redstreak apple is high in tannin and big on flavour. The also embraces the cuvage technique, where apples are milled and then held for a day before pressing out the juice. Redstreak is a “bold and peppery cider, with a spicy apple pie flavour, smooth feel and deep rich colour”.

The third cider has been crafted from two apple varieties from Thatchers Christon and Sandford orchards. The 7.4& abv Morgan Sweet & Grenadier, combines the Morgan Sweet dessert apple, which is said to have a “wine-like” sweetness and body, with the refreshing bite of the acclaimed Grenadier culinary apple. The result is a delicate and refined cider, with a gentle hint of tropical fruit, the company said.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker, said: “Being able to produce batch ciders with some of our favourite apple varieties of each harvest is a real joy. Our cidermakers have taken this year’s harvest and used their knowledge of the fruit to work with a single variety, or combine two varieties together that balance and complement each other.

“This year we have revived two single variety ciders, Redstreak and Spartan, and in a dual variety we have combined Morgan Sweet & Grenadier – the characteristics or the dessert apple providing a foil to the high acidity of the culinary apple. Morgan Sweet is an apple with a great history in our family – my grandfather and great grandfather used to grow it in the early 1900s and send across by train to the South Wales Valleys.”

Each of the Cider Barn ciders will be priced at £2.00 for 500ml.