Thatchers has released a limited edition cider made from 458 different types of apple grown in a single orchard.

Thatchers 458 includes aromatic varieties such as Worcester Pearmain, Laxton’s Superb and Devonshire Quarrenden along with traditional varieties such as Somerset Redstreak and Porter’s Perfection.

Some of the apples are rare varieties that have been preserved in the company’s Exhibition Orchard for future generations by Thatchers chairman John Thatcher, who has been collecting them for more than 20 years.

The cider weighs in at 8.4% abv and comes in a gift box to target celebrations such as Father’s Day (rrp £3.49).

Managing director Martin Thatcher said: “This cider is one we’ve been hoping to create for many years. Unique is not a word we use lightly – but there’s no other collection of cider apples in one orchard like this anywhere in the world. It’s a cider with a real story to tell.

“458 is a celebration of the work and care that has gone into creating this magnificent orchard that my father has worked for many years to preserve.

“It’s fitting therefore that in this special packaging, we believe it will make an ideal gift for occasions such as Father’s Day.”

He added: “It is the first time that many of the rarer varieties of apple that are grown in the Exhibition Orchard have been blended into one of our ciders, so we believe 458 will be of great interest to people who really care for their cider.”