That Boutique-y Rum Company (TBRC) has launched the first in a new series of Signature Blends.

The blends have been designed with cocktails in mind as well as being standalone sipping rums. They have been developed by Peter Holland from The Floating Rum Shack, and both are described as “accessible blends for mixing and sipping, for both on and off-trade”. 

Signature Blend #1 – Bright Glass, is an unnamed blend of “funky” rum from Jamaica and fresh, fruity Rum from Martinique, with a touch of 4 year-old Jamaican rum for added depth of flavour. The 40% abs blend has an rrp of £25.95.

Signature Blend #2 – Elegant Dried Fruits, was created with the intention of making Pete Holland’s Mai Tai’s. It contains rich molasses-vibe Guyana rum with heavier funkier rum from Jamaica to provide “elegant dried-fruit notes and a great structure”. The addition of a small amount of high-ester rum from Jamaica balances the flavour profiles, according to the company. The 40% abv blend has an rrp of £30.95. 

Holland said: “When tasked with creating rums that would be predominantly used in cocktails, I, firstly, had to think of the style of drinks that I’d like to enjoy, then set about working a blend that stood up to my idea of what the cocktail would taste like. 

“I don’t like the idea of trying to balance many different rum styles, a situation that overly complicates things. I much prefer the simplicity of two distinct styles working harmoniously together. Each displaying their strengths and contributions to the cocktail.”

Selina Raggett, brand manager for TBRC, said: “Since its launch in October, That Boutique-y Rum Company has become well known for rare bottling, exclusive blends and limited casks from some of the best rum distilleries worldwide. The Signature Blends stem from the knowledge and relationships we have developed over the past year, allowing us to create a continuous liquid that still meets the high Boutique-y standards and our ‘no BS’ approach to the rum category.”

The labels for the Signature Collection have been developed by Microsoft Paint artist Jim’ll Paint It. 

The two newcomers are now available to trade and retail in the UK through Maverick Drinks, and are available to purchase globally from Atom Brands.