Tesco wine boss Dan Jago claims the trade’s future success relies on its ability to embrace multi- channel retailing as consumers seek more diverse ways to buy wine beyond the “pile it high” era of selling in-store.

Jago, who Off Licence News this week named as the most influential figure in the wine industry, warned that some traditional retailers were struggling to keep up with the pace of change shoppers demand.

In an exclusive interview, he said: “Multi-channel is one of Tesco’s core pillars of our view of the future of retailing. A lot of people are confused about what it means and it’s everything – right through from social media to grocery delivery and click and collect. It’s like dot to dot and making them join up.

“Multi-channel does mean more than just having an app so people can buy wine and a bloke turns up in a van and delivers it.

“The challenge will be for retailers who want to pile up a lot of wine in-store and sell you as much as possible.

“It’s a new strategy – not just about promotions, but access and availability. It combines digital with the accessibility

of convenience shopping and being able to buy wine the way shoppers want. It’s a seamless interaction with the customer. But the proposition still has to be competitive.”

Jago praised suppliers’ willingness to embrace the concept and develop ideas.

He added: “Much of the trade’s understanding of digital goes way beyond social media and lots of suppliers are coming to us with strategies about how to integrate their approach and marketing. The trade is embracing it.”