Tesco’s Laura Jewell MW has teamed up with Helen McGinn, author of best-selling book the Knackered Mother’s Wine Club, to host a live online wine tasting.

The event takes place on July 8 at 7pm and can be accessed through the retailer’s consumer wine forum Tesco Wine Community.

It will give wine fans the chance to taste along with Jewell and McGinn and ask them questions via Twitter or on the Tesco Wine Community. 

Jewell said: “Customers regularly ask what Tesco provides to help them learn more about wine. On top of the annual wine fairs, Twitter and Facebook, we now provide live tastings which we hope will enable us to reach a wider audience of people who are interested in learning about wine but don’t often have the time.

“I have long believed the best way to engage people in wine is through conversation – an open discussion which anyone is able join, and the live online tasting offers just that.

“In advance of the tasting I have selected six wines which fit with the time of year. There are a couple of rosé wines, two refreshing whites, a light fruity red which is even better slightly chilled, and of course the I Heart Brasil Sparkling Moscato – I don’t think I need to explain why I selected that wine.  

“This will be the third live tasting, but the first time we have offered a ‘summer tasting’ following two successful Christmas tastings.”

Questions can be tweeted live on the night to @TescoWines using the hashtag #TescoSummerWineTime, or in advance via the Tesco Wine Community forum here