Tesco is shutting down its online wine community after less than four years.

The website hosted live online wine tastings, tasting panels, a blog and an active discussion board as well as organising wine dinners and special offers.

It is to shut down on August 28.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We have taken the decision to close our Wine Community website. We know the site has proved really informative for some customers, but we will now focus on providing information on our award-winning wine range in-store and on our Tesco.com website.”

Members of the community were dismayed at the news and discussed carrying it on under another guise, possibly with the backing of a different supermarket.

One wrote: “Tesco Wine Community has clearly shown there’s an appetite for an online wine community, even if they have decided to withdraw.”

Another said: “There seems to be an acceptance that this site will be going. We seem to be giving up without a fight. Would it be possible to join forces with other supermarkets and keep the site running in some form? I have enjoyed learning about different wines, meeting winemakers, Tesco advisers and members of the community at dinners and taking part in tastings and competitions. It would be a shame to say goodbye to the site, and not at least try to keep like-minded wine lovers together.”

Others simply lamented its demise. 

“Very sad news,” wrote one. “It has been fun chatting and learning about wine from so many experts and enthusiasts. Hopefully the wine people at Tesco will reconsider and perhaps come up with an alternative to this site.”

Another wrote: “I can honestly say there is nowhere else comparable online where wine lovers can share their thoughts and reviews with like-minded folk. I’ve personally enjoyed getting to know everyone on the site and my wine knowledge has benefited enormously through learning from more experienced oenophiles. I’d like to thank Tesco and the wine team for making it possible.”

And a third said: “I for one discovered new wines through the TWC – wines I probably would never have even tried. I certainly learned a lot from the site and highly valued and respected the wine reviews members posted.”

The move came after Tesco announced it would slash its wine range by some 300 lines and give its buying team a complete overhaul this spring. 

The supermarket also plans to axe half-price deals on wine in a bid to drive profits.