Tesco has slashed the price of its exclusive label Champagne to just £8 – the cheapest any supermarket has sold Champagne in recent years.

Its Louis Delaunay Champagne is usually sold at £25.99 and Tesco was selling it half-price at £12.99.

But Asda has cut its rival exclusive brand Pierre Darcys to £10, so Tesco responded by cutting the price of Louis Delaunay to less than a third of the normal rrp at £8 – cheaper than many cava and Prosecco brands.

The offer runs until December 2, while stocks last, and is available in store and online.

Price comparison site Money Saving Expert said: “At full price this bottle is £25.99 but it’s often reduced to £13. This is the first time we’ve seen it at £8 though, so it’s a corking deal if you’re planning on stocking up for Christmas.”

The deal was advertised in today’s Metro newspaper and should drive footfall into stores as the Christmas price war hots up.

Budget chain Aldi has been stealing market share from Tesco with an emphasis on cheap wine deals, but Tesco is now undercutting the discount chain’s ongoing £10 deal on its Veuve Monsigny Champagne.

Bubbly has been a key battleground in the Christmas price war after Asda promoted its £10 deal by recreating a magazine front cover featuring reality TV star Kim Kardashian that went viral online when she vowed to “break the internet”.

In the Asda mock-up a model balances a glass on her rear, while Champagne shoots over her head to fill it, as the tagline reads: “Don’t break the budget: Pierre Darcys”.

Asda was also selling Nicolas Feuillatte and Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Champagne at £15.

Tesco was selling Nicolas Feuillatte half-price at £15.99 and has cut the price of its exclusive label Louis Delaunay to £12.99. Sainsbury’s has its exclusive label Etienne Dumont for £14 and Waitrose is selling its Charles Lecouvey Champagne for £16.99. 

Aside from using it as a loss-leader, how do retailers sell Champagne at such cheap prices? Read more here: https://drinksretailingnews.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/13887/Is_the_party_over_for_cheap_fizz_.htm