Tesco is offering wine lovers the chance to access tailored tips from top sommeliers with a new on-demand SMS recommendation service.

Tesco Sommelier Messaging Service, which will run from March 18 to April 16, will deliver bespoke bottle recommendations from leading restaurant sommeliers by text to help the nation “elevate their evenings in with exceptional wines and perfect pairings from Tesco”.

The on-demand text service will give people access to personal wine recommendations based on their individual tastes, budget and menu. Following three short initial questions, a Tesco wine recommendation will be delivered in real time to their device from someone on the expert SMS panel, which is headed up by TV presenter and wine expert Helen McGinn, supported by 20 sommeliers and wine waiters from restaurants across the UK.

The supermarket retailer acknowledged “there is no replacement for the restaurant experience and receiving personal guidance from the in-house sommelier. Until that can be enjoyed again, Tesco SMS will give wine-drivers access to those experts remotely, to help them make the most of the brilliant bottles in reach – but as of yet, undiscovered – on their weekly shop. Whether it is a pasta-friendly red for a favourite quick supper, or something special for a special Easter feast, Tesco SMS will make it easy to choose a winning wine to match.”

By using Tesco SMS people will also be helping to support “those who make our evenings out special” because with every wine recommendation delivered, Tesco will donate £1 to Hospitality Action, the industry’s charity.

To request a wine recommendation shoppers simply have to text “WINE” to 82228 and follow the steps when prompted.

A personalised answer will usually be delivered within 30 minutes, according to Tesco.