The Campaign for Real Ale is lending its name to a range of beers sold in Tesco to raise the profile of bottle-conditioned ales.

The consumer body’s logo will appear above a new bay within the beer aisle in more than 50 stores as part of a trial to promote the supermarket’s range.

In 2009, the group, which has over 150,000 members, launched its “Camra says this is real ale” logo for brewers and retailers to place on bottles and shelf edges as part of its Real Ale in a Bottle scheme.

The logo has been adopted by hundreds of independent beer shops but Tesco is the first of the big retailers to use it on a larger scale.

As well as using the logo to differentiate bottled ales that are unpasteurised and still contain live yeasts, Camra will provide educational POS during the trial next year.

Camra press manager Neil Walker told OLN: “Tesco is putting together all its bottle- conditioned beers in one section with our logo saying it’s real ale. Lots of supermarkets sell bottle-conditioned ales, but it’s good to see them being separated out to help consumers try them.”

Walker added: “Tesco already has a number of bottle-conditioned beers, but they will probably add more.

“There are a number of things we wouldn’t agree with Tesco’s on about what it does, but on this one we definitely do.

“The idea is to make real ale clearer for beer consumers to buy.”

Tesco is also launching an own-label brew that supports the British Hop Association.

The BHA said the UK’s hop growers have suffered following a surge in popularity for US-style craft beers and it is encouraging UK brewers to support domestic producers to stem declining sales.

Tesco has now jumped on board to release the Tesco Single Hopped Kentish Ale.

The £1.89 brew is the first supermarket own-label beer to carry the BHA logo.

It is brewed using East Kent Golding hops and has a “distinct smooth taste with malty undertones, enhanced by uplifting botanical hop notes, a touch of spice and delicate herbal aromas”.