Tequila Enemigo is gearing up to “lead the tequila revolution”, starting with the UK this winter.

The ultra-premium tequila, which is aged in custom new American Oak barrels, is served in long-stemmed Champagne flutes, either chilled or with a squeeze of lime. The producer said the narrow bowl of the flute amplifies the aromas, and funnels of the liquid to the tip of the tongue.

The UK will see two variants of the drink before Christmas: Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino and Enemigo 00 Extra Anejo. The former is traditionally aged for a year before the liquid is removed and placed through a filtration system, to turn it from a dark liquid back to a clear one. The process retains the complex ageing flavours while making it “one of the smoothest tequilas ever tasted”.

The Extra Anejo variant rests for three years. Production of this tequila is limited.

Co-founder and director Max Davies-Gilbert said: “For the absolute beginning, the focus of our tequila has been to deliver the purest experience by merging tradition with modernity, from production all the way through to consumption. Serving tequila in long stem glasses is the final coup d’etat for our work and we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this approach to London, along with a product that we believe truly deserves such elegance.”