A new carbon capture facility has been installed at C&C Group’s Tennent’s brewery in Glasgow.

The facility will capture and store more than 4,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from the brewery’s fermentation process which will then be used to provide carbonation for Tennent’s Lager.

As well as the benefit of the direct capture of CO2 from the plant, the brewery will no longer have to source the gas from suppliers in the north of England, eliminating the emissions from 100,000km of journeys each year.

Tennent’s said the move would support its commitment to be net carbon zero by 2025.

The £2.6 million facility will be fully operational by September.

Martin Doogan (pictured), group engineering manager at C&C,  said: “The installation of the new facility marks another milestone in our commitment to challenging climate change.

“To be able to support the brewery’s CO2 needs using carbon dioxide that is produced by the fermentation process improves our local environment in the east end of Glasgow and is a significant step in our goal to be carbon neutral by 2025.

“As Scotland’s oldest business, we take our responsibility to look after our beautiful home very seriously which is why we’ve put sustainability at the heart of our entire operations, from our transport fleet, brewing and packaging to our international deliveries.

“With clear targets in place for the future, we’re committed to tackling climate change now and in the years to come.”