Tails Cocktails has announced a brand relaunch to coincide with London Cocktail Week.

The brand, which was established in London in 2010, was designed to “revolutionise the consumer cocktail experience” by making cocktails more accessible, faster and more consistent.

The brand now has a logo which celebrated the origin of cocktails, using images of rooster features (believed to have been used to stir alcoholic mixed drinks), the balance scales (to reflect the precision and science behind batching cocktail recipes) and the classic Martini cocktail glass.

To celebrate the relaunch Tails Cocktails will be bringing its range of premium cocktails to the London Cocktail Week Village from now until 7 October.

Nick Wall, founder of Tails Cocktails, said: “The UK’s cocktail culture is booming and, as a result, batched cocktails have been growing in popularity in leading bars as a way of providing great-tasting, consistent cocktails without making the customer wait. Tails Cocktails offers bars, restaurants and many other venues and occasions the opportunity to capitalise on this trend, without having to invest hours into preparation and training.

“Our brand relaunch focuses on the core values of quality and authenticity, and I feel that the refreshed packaging really tells our story. I am excited to see how it will be received in the trade.”

Wall founded the brand in 2010 after leaving a career in Real Estate Consultancy to pursue his passion for cocktails.

The Tails Cocktail range includes: Cherry Bacardi Mojito, Berry Bacardi Mojito, Seasonal Rum Punch, Espresso Martini, Pornstar Martini, Negroni and Amaretto Sour.