Sussex wine has been granted temporary protected status, pushing it closer to the official PDO status it seeks.

PDO status, which could result in wines from Sussex receiving the same protection as Champagne or Prosecco, would allow producers from Sussex to label their wines as Sussex wine, guaranteeing their product’s authenticity and origin.

Defra has confirmed that this PDO application has now been formally submitted to Brussels; it is the latest step within a lengthy process, which began back in March 2015 when wineries in Sussex made their first moves to bid for PDO status. If successful, Defra has stated the process may take some time before it is agreed and finalised.

Julia Trustram Eve, marketing director for English Wine Producers, said: “The Sussex PDO has now been submitted to Brussels, but not yet awarded – this takes quite a while to go through. During the process of submission and until the application has been ratified, the name ‘Sussex’ has been granted temporary national protection (by Defra).” 

Separately, Camel Valley Winery has submitted a PDO application for its Darnibole Bacchus Wine.

Meanwhile, the industry and government representatives are hopeful that Brexit will not have any effect on PDO food and drink products in the UK. A joint industry paper is currently being submitted covering this and other issues affecting the UK food and drink industry.