St Peter’s Brewery has introduced an “improved recipe” for its Without brand of zero alcohol beer, in order to appeal to a wider range of no and low-alcohol drinkers.

The Suffolk Brewer launched the St Peter’s Without brand of 0.0% alcohol craft beer in 2016 and said it has built a strong following of loyal customers for the beer.

John Hadingham, managing director, said: “When we first launched Without it was one of the very few zero alcohol craft beer products available in the mainstream and it has been incredibly popular, but we want the brand to continue to reach across all age groups and motivations. A lot has changed in four years. No and low is appealing to more and more younger consumers and tastes are changing.

“We have seen a growing trend towards full-bodied IPAs for example and trade and consumers have been telling us they wanted a refreshing zero alcohol beer that has hoppier flavours.

“We have been experimenting with our liquid and feel we have achieved something that will not only appeal to our current consumers, but also attract the new and discerning no and low-alcohol purchasers.”

St Peter’s has made changes to the profiles of Without Gold, Without Original and Without Elderflower & Raspberry, which launched in June. It said that although the taste will remain largely the same, the brewing team have worked with new hop profiles to provide “more hop-forward” aromas and subtly improved taste characteristics as well.

Hadingham said: “We have been careful not to stray too far from the current profile so as not to alienate our current loyal consumers. We have benchmarked the new liquids against many others on the market through consumer panel blind tastings and the results have been very positive indeed.”

The relaunched Without Original, Gold and Elderflower & Raspberry will be available to retail from January 2020.