A ginger-infused rum has been launched in the UK with the aim of bringing “much-needed quality and excitement to the rum category”.

Spytail Ginger Rum is based on a 19th Century French recipe of infusing fresh ginger and spices in Cognac barrels. The newcomer is a blend of aged Caribbean rums, blended and bottled at a small distillery by La Companie Bathysphere in the Cognac region of France.

Elwyn Gladstone, founder and owner of spirits merchant (and creator of Spytail), Biggar & Leith, said: “The heritage of Spytail combined with the French craftsmanship and expertise has resulted in a product that is exceptional and brings some much-needed quality and excitement to the rum category. Ginger is a flavour that has become incredibly popular within mixology and drinks in general – ginger beer, Moscow Mules, Dark ‘n Stormy and many others – and it is a natural fit for rum. Using Cognac casks to age rum gives great depth and flavour to the rum.”

Steven Pattison, co-founder of spirits company, Drinksology, owners of When We Are Giants, said: “Following on from the phenomenal success of Biggar & Leith’s Malfy Gin in the UK, we are excited to be bringing Spytail Ginger to the trade and to new consumers here. With the rapidly growing interest in the rum category and consumers’ love of rum, we have great confidence in the success of Spytail in both the on and off trade.”

The bottle is heavily embossed with a submarine port-hole as well as the latitude and longitude that give a nod to Jules Vernes’ final resting place in France.

Biggar & Leith have launched Spytail Ginger Rum, which is priced at £28, while a second variant – Spytail Cognac Cask – is scheduled to be introduced to the UK in 2019.

Spytail is recommended served with ginger beer, cola or ginger in a wide variety of cocktails.