Off-trade alcohol sales are being driven by spirits, with a number of different spirits categories recording growth more than 50% higher than in 2019, according to the latest data.

For the week ending October 10, 2020, Nielsen data shows off-trade spirits sales are up by 20% on 2019, driven by flavoured and spiced rum, up 52%, flavoured vodka, up 50%, and non-cream liqueurs, up 75%.

Sales for spirits categories specifically through the impulse sector for the same period were more impressive with Irish Whiskey up by a whopping 66%, now one of the fastest growing segments in impulse BWS after flavoured vodka, which saw sales rise 72%, and flavoured/ spiced rum, up 72%.

Rob Hallworth, Nielsen’s client delivery team leader, said there were a number of highlights for the week, including the fact that BWS growth has stabilised, with growth up by 19% on 2019 for the third week in a grow.

He said: “Grocery multiples are growing at around the same rate (up 18%) while impulse sales have been accelerating slightly, with growth rates of around 23%. The wine category is going in line with the category at 19%. BWS growth is being driven by spirits.

“Within Long Alcoholic Drinks Ale and Stout continued to lead the way, with growth rates of 28% and 36% respectively.”