Speciality Brands has added a number of new Caribbean rums to its portfolio, with another to come later in the autumn.

Rivers Royale, Neisson Rhum Blanc and Hampden Estate’s 2010 LROK and Rum Fire rums, have all joined a Speciality range that already includes Diplomático, Black Tot, Veritas, Clairin and Smith & Cross.

Renegade rum from Grenada is also lined up to join the Speciality fold.

The 2010 LROK rum (rrp £130), from the acclaimed Jamaican producer Hampden Estate, uses a high-ester distillate and 11-year ageing to produce a “fruity and funky style”.

Hampden’s Rum Fire (rrp £43) is an unaged Jamaican pot still rum which has been on its domestic market for 10 years. It is bottled at 63% abv and positioned as a cocktail rum.

Rivers Royal (rrp £85) has not previously been sold outside its home market of Grenada, and only limited quantities are available for the UK market. It is made at the River Antoine Estate, which has no mains electricity and generates its own power from a water wheel.

Neisson (rrp £41) is a Martinique AOC rhum agricole made in a single-column French Savalle still.

Speciality said it was aiming to capitalise on a recent rum revival, as the category draws in consumers from other types of spirits.

Managing director Chris Seale said: “Rum is a category at the very core of our portfolio and for the last decade we’ve been focused on offering a variety of premium brands with strong provenance and great stories to tell.

“It’s really satisfying to see the current enthusiasm surrounding rum, so it’s a perfect time to be bringing these iconic Caribbean spirits to the market”.

The rums will be available across all trade channels with the focus on specialist retail and the on-trade.

Dean MacGregor, Speciality Brands’ rum ambassador, is available to run trade and consumer masterclasses.