Spar has revealed plans to introduce eight new wines to its range this year as part of an ongoing review of its BWS category.

Daphne Teremetz, Spar’s trading manager for wines, told OLN the retailer hopes to raise average spend in stores “but only by introducing higher quality wines” that are “really good value for money”.

The retailer will be launching four of the wines in time for the summer period, with a further four to be introduced later in the year.

The four summer wines comprise a Provence rosé, priced at £8 but with an initial promotional price of £7, a Primitivo from Puglia at £7 (or £5.50 at its promotional price),
a Touraine Sauvignon Blanc at £8.50 (£7 on promotion), and a Gran Reserva Valdepeñas, priced at £9 (£6 on promotion).

Teremetz said: “The rest of our French additions is a Provence rosé, which we
are really excited about. It is certainly new for us as it is clearly a dry style. We have high hopes for it.

“The Touraine Sauvignon is a premium quality wine which will be at a higher price point than usual.

“Sauvignon Blanc sales have been brilliant for us and sales of wines from France in particular are doing really well, so we are particularly refocusing on the quality of our French wines. They are almost all appellation wines now.”

Another area the retailer is looking at is sparkling wine.

“We are happy with the amount of space dedicated to white and red wines but need to address the balance between rosé and sparkling,” Teremetz said.

“The new Provence rosé will replace an existing rosé and some of our other existing rosés will be replaced by sparkling wines by the end of this year.

“We are outperforming in sparkling compared to the overall convenience sector but we know there is too much pressure on our existing sparkling wines so we need to add more.”

Teremetz also pointed to “fantastic” sales for Argentinian wines. “Most of the demand is for Malbec and we have worked hard to offer a good choice.

“We have a branded Malbec and our own-label one and we hope to offer one more by the end of the year.

“We have spent time making sure our Malbecs are what customers would expect 
from this style of wine from Argentina.”

Meanwhile, Teremetz also highlighted the success of introducing an EDLP mechanic for one of its Champagnes, which led to a 30% increase in sales.

Marquis Belrive Champagne was relaunched into Spar stores before Christmas using the everyday low price EDLP strategy.

It was brought in to replace an existing own-label Champagne, which had often been sold on promotion.

She said: “We have moved our sourcing to family-owned producer Charles Mignon
in Epernay, redesigned the packaging to better represent the excellent quality of the wine and chosen to o er a great EDLP price point of £16 in order to offer true convenience.

“Sales results for this Champagne have been fantastic with an increase of more than 30% for the 12 weeks up to February 28.

“This EDLP is truly convenient for customers so they buy it not just when it’s on promotion. Our sales reflect the success of it.”