Sogevinus Fine Wines has reported a “surprisingly good” harvest, considering what it described as a difficult vine-growing year.

The company, which has a host of Portuguese wine houses including Kopke, Burmester, Calem and Barros; said the “queens of the 2016 harvest” were the grape varieties Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional, which had an “excellent performance”, producing wines that are “rich and fat”.

The company reflected that the wine-growing year was marked by a rainy and warm winter and the average temperatures recorded in December and January 2015 were far above the average of the last 30 years.

It added that this was followed by a cold spring but a hot and dry summer, but overall visits to the vineyards by Sogevinus’ team of oenologists confirmed this year was going to be good.

For Port, the harvest showed that the grapes were in good health and showed good yield, though less heavy than usual.

The first tastings of its white ports revealed wines, which are “quite aromatic on the nose and very delicate in the mouth”.

It added: “The white wines destined to become Colheitas were full-bodied and fat (having been fermented with the skins on), which left us very pleased as it foretells great ageing potential”.

Meanwhile, the first of the red port wines showed deep colours.

The company noted: “As the harvest went on the results got better, since the best wines turned out to be the ones produced during the last 10 days of September and the first week of October.”

Within still wines, the red wines have some freshness, medium acidity and good colour. Alcohol levels are good, if slightly lower than 2015, leading to well-balanced wines with good tannins.

And for white wines the company says it is mostly seeing fresh and fruity wines with good flavour.

It concluded by saying that the results of this harvest were surprisingly good.

“Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional were the queens of the 2016 harvest.”