Independent wine merchants can bolster their spring and summer ranges by choosing from an eclectic array of interesting and nuanced wines at the upcoming SITT events.

The tastings take place in Manchester on February 27 and in London on March 1.

They are crucial for both new and seasoned trade professionals, across the independent on- and off-trade sectors, and there is still time for indies to register.

Swig, a leading importer of artisanal wines catering to independents and the on-trade, believes it is the perfect opportunity for suppliers to present new and interesting additions to their portfolios and for buyers to discover hidden gems.

Imogen Taylor, who is in charge of on- and off-trade sales at Swig, told OLN: “Despite the obstacles we are facing at the moment, with the weakening sterling and the burden of Brexit, it’s still an incredibly exciting time to be working in wine.

“There is an incredible dynamism and energy at present, and new things popping up the whole time. SITT offers a great opportunity for us importers to present our new discoveries under one roof.

“Having attended both the Vinisud and Millesime Bio tastings in France and discovered a couple of new things, it’s a perfect occasion to present them to the masses, as well as the chance for retailers to look towards Spring and Summer offerings.”

She believes Swig’s wines are perfectly suited to independents, adding: “We certainly pride ourselves on bringing in wines that punch above their weight and stand out from the crowd. We’re not necessarily looking for different and unusual wines for the sake of being different, but because they are outstanding.”