Single malt Welsh whisky has been registered under the UK Geographical Indication (UKGI) scheme.

The scheme protects its name, authenticity, and characteristics, giving single malt Welsh whisky the same status as other Welsh fare, such as Gower salt marsh lamb and Welsh leeks.

It is the first new UK spirit drink application to be registered and protected under new scheme, which was created after Brexit.

Dating back to 1887, single malt Welsh whisky is made using malted barley and water of 100% Welsh origin and with the new protection, only whiskies made in this way can be called single malt Welsh whisky. Each step of the production process must take place in Wales. 

Stephen Davies, CEO of Penderyn Whisky, which is one of four distillers to use the UKGI, said:

“The achievement of UKGI status for single malt Welsh whisky is a significant milestone for Penderyn as a producer but also for the wider Welsh whisky industry.

“It assists in safe guarding both the quality of the product and also its source of origin.  It’s an exciting step forward and one that puts focus on an industry that has been growing steadily over the last 20 years.”