Silk Road Distillers is hoping to kickstart a new drinks category with the launch of its white spiced rum, which it created to show consumers that there is more to white rum than coconut.

The producer’s White Spiced Rum is a blend of six vapour infused botanicals. It is described as delicate, light and a more refined alternative to sweet and dark rums. The producer also said using vapour to infuse the rum also allows it to reduce the amount of sugar added to the rum post distillation.

George Agate, said: “Our drink was created out of the love we have for rum and our passion for the vibrant and beautiful cities along the Silk Road that we were fortunate enough to pass through on our world adventure. We now want to use this passion to spearhead a revolution in rum that is long overdue.”

The drink is recommended served with tonic, and the company said the complexity of the rum with the quinine in tonic means they make for “a superb pairing”.

Agate said: “Rum and coke is a drink of the past. You will be a convert when you try a rum and tonic. Swap out your gin for a rum and you won’t turn back.”