The team behind Thunder Toffee Vodka have now created Frejya’s Crema Custard Liqueur.

The drink is made from milk from Holstein Frisian cows, which is said to be particularly creamy, and this is then mixed with five-times distilled premium wheat grain vodka. The liqueur is described as being “a tantalisingly creamy dessert-like spirit that caresses and teases the tongue, consummated with a magical explosion of vodka”.

Gabrielle, brand ambassador for producer, Scream Brands, said the idea for the liqueur came about when the team discussed new flavours for vodka and wondered whether a custard flavour would work.

She said: “Anyway, we decided to try to produce some. After months of extensive mixing, blending and sampling we created a delicious creamy custard liqueur which is 18% and is intended for the successful modern-day lady who is strong and independent and wants to ‘Party like a Goddess’ responsibly.”

Frejya’s, which Scream Brands claims is “the world’s first alcoholic custard”, is now available for the off and on-trade. It is recommended drunk with ice, as a shot or in a cocktail.