Trade organisation the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has said the Scottish government will support its responsible drinking campaign, after the SWA’s governing council met with first minister Humza Yousaf to discuss how the industry and government can work together.

The SWA’s Made to be Measured campaign was launching in March to raise awareness of the alcoholic content of drinks, and the recommended weekly limit of 14 units.

According to the SWA, the most recent evaluation of the Scottish government’s Count 14 campaign showed that awareness that the recommended weekly limit was 14 units of alcohol grew from 17% to 27% – “leaving three quarters of the Scottish public unaware of the guidelines”.

Now, the Scottish government and the SWA have agreed to work together to promote the Made to be Measured campaign as part of the government’s wider efforts to reduce alcohol misuse in Scotland.

Yousaf said: “The whisky industry’s willingness to raise awareness of alcohol misuse and the health risks associated with high consumption of alcohol, through the Scotch Whisky Association’s Made to Be Measured campaign, is very welcome.

“This is just one of the key areas of partnership that the Scottish government and whisky industry can work together on – and I look forward to furthering our productive partnership on shared priorities such as the transition to net-zero, global trade and investment, and economic growth.”

Image credit: Mike Wilkinson