The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) has appointed Kieran Healey-Ryder as its first ever chairperson.

As part of the new role, Healey-Ryder, who is currently global head of communication at Whyte and Mackay, will be responsible for representing the distillers, brewers, retailers and hospitality venues that are part of SAIP. 

The partnership aims to unite the industry in promoting responsible drinking and tackling alcohol-related harm. Its most recent campaign, named ‘It’ll Cost You!’, aims to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of buying alcohol for under 18s.

Current members include Diageo, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, Pernod Ricard, The Scotch Whisky Association, Whyte & MacKay, The Portman Group and the WSTA. 

Healey-Ryder described the appointment as an “honour”, adding: “As a responsible industry we take our commitment to ensuring responsible drinking extremely seriously. This partnership has proven how together we can deliver impactful campaigns to tackle harmful drinking, and initiatives that promote responsible enjoyment.

“I am looking forward to an opportunity to advance the work that we do, and to promote the positive contribution the Scottish alcohol industry makes at a local and national level.”