Devon gin producer Salcombe Distilling has entered the alcohol-free spirit market with the launch of NLL.

The name stands for New London Light and a 70cl bottle of the product carries an rrp of £27.50.

The drink’s base liquid is made by distilling Macedonian juniper berries along with ginger and habanero capsicum.

A further 15 botanicals are blended in to deliver a flavour described by the company as having “hints of citrus orange and sage”.

It said the product was the first in a series that “draws inspiration from a rich history of exploration” along the south Devon coast.

Salcombe co-founder Howard Davies said: “The tide is turning. The hunt for premium non-alcoholic spirits is gathering speed, especially among those who demand quality and clarity.

“We are proud of the reputation we have built making award-winning gins and the opportunity to encourage people to make more of the great outdoors, given our passion for the sea.

“It is a natural evolution for us to initiate a new wave of excellence in non-alcoholic spirits.”

Guy Hodcroft, head buyer at online retailer Master of Malt, said: “So often in the world of low and non-alcoholic spirits, texture is problematic, with several products seeming to be little more than flavoured water.

“Not so with Salcombe’s New London Light, which captures the weight and body of a full strength spirit on the palate, ably supporting the fresh, citrus-led palate.

“This not only makes it a pleasurable drinking experience on its own, it also means the base product shines through in the signature serve with tonic, and isn’t overwhelmed by other pronounced flavours – just as a spirit should be.”