Sake is set to exhibit at the London Wine Fair in May for the first time.

The introduction of a Sake Pavilion, which reflects the growing importance of this category in the UK and beyond, will be curated by Sake expert Natsuki Kikuya of the Museum of Sake.

The Pavilion will feature a selection of sake brewers and distributors, including Daishichi Brewery, Sekiya Brewery and five artisan producers from ENTER Sake, the label set up by renowned DJ Richie Hawtin. Distributors at the event will include Tazaki Foods, Ueno Gourmet, Bibendum PLB and SAKE at UK.

Kikuya will also host a sake masterclass at the Fair, educating attendees on the sake regions and also by introducing different styles and production processes unique to each brewery.

The Wine & Spirit Trust (WSET) will also host a sake session in their Pop-Up Classroom. The ‘How to taste sake’ event will be hosted by Antony Moss MW, who will also give a sneak peek into the new WSET Level 1 Award in Sake, launching in August.

Kikuya commented: “I am very excited to bring a Sake Pavilion to the LWF this year – a perfect fit for an exhibition which is all about discovery. We have witnessed a significant interest in the category in the last two years: The WSET launched their level 3 sake qualification two years ago, and other sake qualifications – SSA and SSI – launched as well in the UK, ensuring more wine professionals, bartenders and sommeliers are taking sake seriously.

“Both the trade and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of this unique product. With its high content of Umami and pure & cleansing characteristics sake has a big potential to pair with a range of cuisines including British, Italian, Indian or Scandinavian. Sake cocktails have been an exciting topic to explore as well!”