Sainsbury’s has taken on a premium coffee liqueur as part of its investment in Future Brands, a strategy that aims to support “the next big thing in the UK”.

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur will be sold in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide from November 18, and the deal marks the first time a major supermarket has stocked the brand.

The drink, which has a retail price of £22 and is packaged in a 50cl bottle, comes from coffee roaster and craft distiller Mr Black in Sydney, Australia. The Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is produced in batches of 300 bottles at a time and it boasts half the sugar and ten times the coffee of ‘old-world’ liqueurs.

Tom Elliot, from Sainsbury’s Future Brands team, said: “Sainsbury’s is always keeping an eye out for exciting enw brands to bring to our customers. The craft coffee revolution has catapulted coffee cocktails to the fore across the UK so to offer Mr Black as the perfect coffee liqueur is an exciting step. It is a bold and engaging brand with a quality product at its core and we can’t wait to hear how our customers enjoy it.”

Tom Baler, co-founder of Mr Black, said: “We have been preaching the gospel of boozy coffee since we were launched and whenever we get listed somewhere new we take that as a sign we are onto something. Getting listed in Sainsbury’s is incredibly exciting and we look forward to spreading the word of Mr Black across the UK.”

The news comes as Mr Black also announces the appointment of its first Global Coffee Ambassador, Martin Hudak. The role will see Hudak focus on leading the company’s coffee mixology focus, and bridging the gap between the coffee and drinks worlds by bringing coffee drinkers, bars, restaurants, retailers, distributors and press.