Sailor Jerry has announced it will be supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, ahead of their upcoming UK tour.

The partnership will kick off on 1 December and the spiced rum brand will be supporting tour dates from Bristol to Brixton. The collaboration will see competitions for Sailor Jerry flash tattoos by Frank, backstage sound checks, exclusive memorabilia and a secret after-show party.

Carter previously owned a tattoo studio in the US with famous tattoo artist Keith Underwood, the last living link to the Sailor Jerry ink.

Carter said: “When I first saw Sailor Jerry tattoos, it had the same impact as the first time I heard Black Flag, the first time I saw Descent From The Cross, the first time I watched Apocalypse Now, suddenly the world made more sense, and I felt like I knew more about myself than I did before.

“At the top of those early pioneers in tattooing, there was a man whose attitude and determination was matched by his skill and this allowed him to quickly rise above all others and claim his rightful place as the best in the business.”

Concert goers will have an opportunity to win money-can’t-buy experiences and prizes courtesy of Sailor Jerry.

Also at the shows, Sailor Jerry will be bringing its legendary rum to the masses with pre-gig drinks in the queue from the Sailor Jerry airstream (London only) and Jerry & Gingers for the first 200 gig-goers (of age) through the door of each venue.

EmmaLi Stenhouse, Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador, said: “Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes embody Sailor Jerry as a brand, which is why we are so psyched to be partnering with them for the UK tour. Everything we do with the spiced rum is inspired by and honours the legend Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, while Frank, with his whole assed approach to life and music, as well as his similar tattooing style, keeps Norman’s legend alive.”