A team of rum experts has created a rum made from two distilleries on two different continents, described as “a perfect collaboration of east and west”.

Equiano Rum is a premium dark rum made from a blend of tropically-aged molasses rums from Bajan producer, Foursquare, with new-world liquid distilled in Mauritius at Gray’s Distillery.

On the nose it is said to deliver “tropical warmth alongside notes of dried fruit”, combined with “sweet toffee, butterscotch and caramel”, and to taste it has a natural sweetness alongside a well-aged rum from a mix of Cognac and American white oak ex-bourbon casks. It finishes on a medium sweet note with “touches of oak, anise, sweet pepper and a hint of bitter orange peel”.

Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell worked with master distiller Richard Seale of Foursquare to create the liquid, which blends “the flavours and characteristics of the Eastern and Western hemispheres”.

Burrell said: “Premium rum is on the rise, and more importantly the consumer that wants quality is demanding clarity, authenticity and intrinsic value in their rum. Equiano is a new style of rum. One that combines two rum cultures, African and Caribbean. An unadulterated rum that is best appreciated the way that you like to drink your spirits. Neat, on the rocks, with your favourite mixer or in a cocktail, this is a rum that you’ll discover, enjoy and then share.”

Seale said: “Equiano is a first for a centuries-old craft, we have created an entirely unique blend through a collaboration between two rum distilleries on two different continents.”

The rum has been named after Nigerian born writer, abolitionist, traveler and freedom fighter Olaudah Equiano, and “the world’s first Afro-Caribbean rum” follows his journey by starting life in Africa, travelling to the Caribbean and landing in the UK.

Equiano starts its journey at Gray’s distillery in Mauritius, where fresh molasses is barreled for 10 years in a combination of French Limousin Oak and Cognac casks. It is then blended with rum from Foursquare, that has been barreled in American White Oak, which formally matured bourbon. The rum is aged for a minimum of eight years and carefully cultivated in two different yet distinct tropical climates which means it matures at a far faster rate than many other dark spirits.

A percentage of the profits from every bottle sold will go to a chosen equality-focused charity each year.