Beer and cider sales have risen by 8.8% in the four weeks ending October 7, according to the latest data from NIQ. 

Overall, the entire BWS sector experienced a 2.2% rise in sales during the four weeks, compared to the same time period in 2022, and beer and cider saw the highest level of growth. Within the beer category, stout saw particularly strong growth, with a 19.2% sales boost. 

NIQ partially attributed the increase in beer and cider sales to the home drinking occasion created by the Rugby World Cup. 

However, NIQ researchers noted that despite the rise in BWS sales, the category still had the lowest rate of growth across all FMCG categories, likely due to inflationary pressures and changes in consumer spending habits as a result. 

Across all FMCG categories, supermarket sales were up by 9.1%. Mike Watkins, NIQ’s UK head of retailer and business insight, said the data indicates “sustainable growth” in supermarkets.

“There has been an improvement in volumes purchased over the last four weeks,” he said. 

“This is a reflection that this time last year the pressure was growing on household incomes as inflation was accelerating in fuel, energy, and food. But it may also be an indication that some shoppers are now feeling more confident about their personal finances. If so, this would help sustain growth over the forthcoming half term period and may give a further boost in early November as seasonal advertising campaigns start.”