Robinsons has revealed a fresh new look and name for its 122-year old Unicorn beer and it has also added three new premium bottled beers to its portfolio.

Unicorn beer will remain true to the original recipe but it will now be known as Unicorn Copper ale.

Meanwhile, the Stockport-based brewer has also added Mash Out, a 4.5% abv Pale Ale; Kettlehead, a 4.5% abv Chocolate Stout; and Hopnik, a 4.7% abv Citra IPA. The “awesome foursome” will hit shelves in March 2019.

The new range is designed to “blur the lines between traditional 50cl and craft beer”, with flavours and ingredients more commonly found in craft beers.

Gill Yates, brands manager for Robinsons Brewery, said: “While Unicorn has been in production to the same recipe since 1896, the core range of Robinsons bottled beers available to supermarkets and pubs have remained unchanged since 2014. We wanted to modernise without losing track of our new heritage. That is why, we felt it was important to keep Unicorn in the range.”

Unicorn ale was first brewed in 1896 by Frederic Robinson for his father, William, at the Unicorn Inn, from where the beer eventually took its name and where the brewery still stands.

Yates continued: “How a beer looks an be just as important as how it tastes: particularly on a supermarket shelf. Unless you are already familiar with a beer or brand, you won’t know how it tastes until after you buy it and get it home. Robinsons, as a brand, is a respected local family brewer that brews great beer. It  has been part of their DNA for 180 years. But all of this great beer, like Unicorn, was packaged in dated materials that were deeply in need of re-design.”

The launch of the new bottled range is supported by a 12-month neck label promotion and marketing plan to help drive sales. All customers who buy any four bottles from the new range can enjoy Buy One Get One Free Brewery Tours at Robinson’s Visitors Centre in Stockport and have the opportunity to wine beer for a year.

Oliver Robinson, managing director (beer division), said: “Brewing beer that consistently tastes good is always going to be our number one priority, but there is no denying that packaging influences people’s buying decisions. We believe in constant evaluation and evolution. Our brand image has been outdated for too long and our products lost in a crowded market, or worse, recognised for the wrong reasons. We hope our new bottled beer range stands out for the right reasons and showcases what we do best – brewing quality premium British beer. We are absolutely delighted with the new look and hope our existing customers, and beer drinkers who haven’t tried out beers yet, will enjoy discovering the new bottles as they start to appear in supermarkets and pubs.”